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Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
I guess because I have long periods of darkness on this forum. people forget where I have stood and still stand. I have never supported the LS7 like most in this section. I have my reasons and have been given before.

you talk about the LS3 as being near dead and talk about how the LS7 is what the Z28 should have. The LS7 is on it's last legs also. but whatever. I just think your feeling about the zl1 not stepping up is wrong. I feel the ZL1 is the better car all around. so what if it can't accelerate faster. honing in that much power for the average driver will be a task. the ZL1 is better for average drivers.

we don't know what's up the sleeve of GM. they could come out with the Gen V in the Z28 and then the smaller version of the Gen V for the SS. I think that would play out quite nicely.
I mention the LS3 as being near dead to make the point that they probably won't enhance it in any way. As i said they didn't do it for the GS. But then also the 5Gen Camaro and LS7 are both short lived. However this provides the combining of them together in one last hurrah for the Z28. I also said in this and previous threads that I would also like the GenV engine if it is above the base V8 model. My point is that GM has the opportunity to one up the Boss LS with a Z28/LS7. This should be a clear win. The ZL1 VS. GT500 is not a clear win in performance. Yet the ZL1 is the "better" engineered car.
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