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Just got back from a trip to Laramie. It rained harder than I've ever seen or driven in (Pic below). The car handled it beautifully as always. While I was there, we installed a new Hurst Short Throw Shifter, and boy is it awesome. Not only does it look great, but it feels great in your hand as well. The ball is just the right size, and the stick is elevated slightly more than the stock one, allowing for more leverage/control. On top of that, it feels much more mechanical when shifting (unlike the rubbery feel of the factory one), you can really feel when it slips into a gear. Because of this, shifting has been much more accurate for me, so missed gears may be a thing of the past as long as I pay attention. Plus, the shifter doesn't do the shake dance that the factory one did whenever I was driving on a road that wasn't made of glass.. I always found that really annoying. Lastly, the throws have been reduced by 44%, so shifting seems effortless now. Love this shifter! I got it for super cheap as well (from Amazon).

Also emptied out my catch can for the first time (Roughly 1,000 miles) and saw what came out (pic below). Needless to say, this thing is definelty working and will hopefully prolong my engine's lifespan/efficiency.
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