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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
With all do respect - I disagree. The pictures posted are not from the same angles and distances from the camera as the ones in this post (not to mention the appearance of that gap changes significantly with respect to camera angle). In addition, that urethane and metal are going to contract/flex/expand at different rates - it might look good for a little while, but probably won't last a substantial amount of time. Cracks are going to form and that paint (clearcoat and maybe basecoat) is likely to start to flake. The color of the stripe and the car is also likely to play at least a small role in the optical illusion in the gap of the stripe too. A darker car will hide the gap better while the opposite for a lighter color. Likewise for the color of the stripes. The only way, to my understanding, to get this to work on other gaps between the panels on the car (i.e. like fenders, doors, quarter panels, hood and trunk gaps, etc.) would be to backtape or use something like 3Mô Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape; neither of those would likely work or be practical in this specific instance though.

The bottom line is, the correct way to paint a bumper cover, to insure complete clearcoat coverage, is off the car, just like at the factory. They don't paint the car with the bumper covers on - at least in any shot I've ever seen. I-Car, Tech-Cor, PPG, Dupont, and others say this too to my recollection. There's just not enough room to get the paint gun in the gap to get the clearcoat around the edges.

Or, go to a bodyshop that does quality paint and ask them what the correct way is, and how that paint would lay down in that gap if the facia is left on there. If you ask me, and how I wrote things (and even how insurance companies wrote things) one might find an agreement with me. But I digress...

I'm sure Tag' and THR have worked all of this out I didn't mean to sidetrack, but I think there are some things to think about and consider
Well everyone on the internet is an expert at everything these days (including myself of course ), I can only say that I've seen 3 2010 Camaros in person, and you probably couldn't stick your thumbnail in the gap between the fender and front bumper cover (past the extremely slightly rounded edges of the panels).

I don't want to Tag's wonderful journal any more than we already have, but that was the main point I was attempting to make. I've spent my share of time hanging around in multiple reputable body shops (including some factory ones, my dad sold one of his '70 Challengers to the manager a long time ago, we've been family friends since & his old boss who introduced us to him now owns his own repair shop) & don't think I've ever seen them pull a panel for just stripes, it wouldn't surprise me if some do though. But it's not necessary for this particular panel junction on solely a paint coverage standpoint. I've seen them do all kinds of tricks repairing & painting cars, but I never paid attention if they do anything when painting panels on modern cars that are so close they touch like that.

Isn't one of the guys I've seen around a few times on the board a professional body/paint guy? I'm sure he knows the answer to that, but as far as Tag & this thread are concerned...

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
I don't know if they will be removing the front clip. I would think so, but I'm sure they aren't going to do a half @ssed job either.
That's 100% right, & all the answer that's needed. THR know what they're doing, regardless of what my experience has been, whatever they do, it'll be solid.

Tag please feel free to delete any of my posts on this subject to clean up your thread. I'm not curious enough to post a new one to ask the real pro's since it's not happening to my car any time soon But feel free to toss it in a new one if you're curious, or I'll move them over if someone else does.

That's just my experience, YMMV.
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