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Originally Posted by MadMaxx View Post
Good for them, I guess I just wasn't seeing them in the multiple posts I was reading on the mustang forums. And yes, I've seen low 14 second GT's... when I was looking at buying one back in 05'. Then again, I'm not around them on a daily basis, you own one so obviously you're more in touch with the community. Ask me about Supras or Vipers, my two main hobbies up until now, and I'd be happy to fill your head full of my real world experiences with them

Regardless, my point still very much stands -- 8% drive line loss is NOT the norm. All bringing up a specific car (in this case, mustangs) has shown is that they're either far underrating their motors, or people are continually manipulating the numbers. Odd that there are such wildly variant numbers from both vendors and individuals on the platform though... that kind of deviation isn't normally seen in a high numbers production vehicle.

Feel free to post up the numbers on your '10 if you ever get it done, I'd love to start a pool of metric collection going.

Yes they are continually manipulating the numbers bro that must be it, wow why did i even try, you wont accept truth. have a goodnight.
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