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Originally Posted by MadMaxx View Post
No, it isn't. 8% loss is greater than any production car, ever.

f you want to compare apples to apples... at 8% driveline loss, an SS camaro @ 426bhp should be damn near breaking the 400rwhp mark out of the box (392rwhp at 8%). As well all know, it doesn't

Feel free to find me examples of this though...provided you actually understand the metric of which you are posting...which as of right now, you don't seem to be getting.
2002 Camaro SS making 301hp. Rated 325. That's 9%.
Another one making 302hp. 9% http://gmhightechperformance.automot...ade/index.html

These Mustangs wouldn't be the first car in history to come out under rated.
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