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MIRROR - Plea for help. (updated with solution)

PIX AT BOTTOM (it almost looks like it was meant to be this way)
rolnslo, THANKS! i owe you one

Thanks so much for the re-suggestion to flip the mirror… when I had looked at it before it appeared to be a no gain but after removing the plastic wiring cover AND unhooking the wire connector from the windshield and moving it to one side, I was able to flip the mirror and tuck the onstar buttons up behind the headliner!
I just could not see the forest for the mirror (trees). I started this thread in hopes of help and I got it! (after several bruises) Thanks!

I'm estimating that this gives another inch of visibility! (which is a big percentage)
I will have pix posted tonight (need a flash).
I would still like to see a thinner mirror but this is a great improvement while I hunt!

another update: i was wrong it only gives you 7/8" more.
when measuring from the console (from the same exact spot on the console both times) and with no cameras involved the "flipped" mirror gives me 7/8" more viewing pleasure (vertically).
that is an 8.75% improvement measured vertically (i understand that nobody actually looks at a right angle to the windshield but it was the only way to measure without bias)

is this horse dead yet.... or shall we beat it some more?

thanks again to all that provided positive input.

everyone else, thanks for the laughs!

__________________________________________________ ___________
Mods, please do not merge this for it is a sincere plea that needs to stand on its own.

I need a solution to this 2SS REARVIEW MIRROR HAZARD.

edit: sorry if i wasnt clear earlier, i was a little jazzed...

MIRROR = BLIND SPOT when moving forward.

Just when I thought I had gotten used to it, I ALMOST T-boned a Prius this morning.
I would have already yanked it out of the car but I am not sure what that will do to onstar, bluetooth, and whatever other sensors may be hiding in it.

Pulled up to STOP, checked right, checked left, checked right again as I started easing into the intersection then BAM! There it was.
That darn Prius just popped out from behind that mirror like the Starship Enterprise coming out of warp… scared the KR@P outta me!

I'm goin to a dealer this weekend to try and play mix-n-match but if someone has a real solution or even a serious idea please help.

GM, if you are listening, please address this issue for ALL Camaros… now. Hey, I said Please!
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Why oh Why?
Windshield=10" vertical
mirror= 3 7/8" (that's almost 4") vertical
that means that the mirror is 38.75% the size of the vertical windshield...
it sure seems like the ratio could be better... just sayin....

our collective MIRROR patch:

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