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Originally Posted by MadMaxx View Post
^^ And the truth shall set you free,

Underrated engine ratings != driveline friction reduction to <9% levels

That is my ENTIRE point -- all of these examples are showing how a motor is UNDER RATED from factory, rather illustrating some magical method of reducing friction 50% I guess you guys don't realize how huge a 50% reduction in the static loss through friction would be to a manufacturer..

I'll get into some actual math illustrating how bhp isn't a valid constant in a few of these examples. We can the "ego factor" to illustrate this too... I'll be back in a few hours
Your in your own world man. It's already been stated that the engines (3v 4.6's) are slightly underrated, probably by about 5 to 10 hp using the NORMAL driveline losses of 12% when on a dynojet.
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