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Originally Posted by Ninjak View Post
That is your statement Maxx. I posted the track times because they are well beneath what you are stating here. There are quite a few more threads on other forums where people are running 13.5~13.7 with 3:31 gears and 3:55. So yes dyno numbers...blah blah blah. I am not going to jump into that convo, but I will still say, no matter what the dyno says, that is just a tuning tool. The track is what matters.
I agree whole heartedly -- I've been saying that the dyno results were secondary to what the machine could actually produce on a track. I was under the impression that they (again,5 years ago when I was going to buy one) were in the very low 14's/high 13's -- apparently that isn't the case, and I'm actually *GLAD* they're faster than I thought they were. That reinforces the stance that ford put together a nice under-rated engine combo...but it's still a far cry from some magical <9% loss number. That was my whole problem here... the number cruncher in me couldn't let that one slide

If anyone else has an LS/LT (especially when the 6spds hit!) *please* get it up on the rollers or on the track I've got to try and get up to the rock here soon for some shakedown passes.

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