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Originally Posted by fdjizm View Post
had "someone" accepted reality there would have been no conversation about the mustang.
Accepted what? Your 8% number was complete bogus, it's been shown over and over and over again. Your failure to understand the mathematical concepts behind how all this works is not my problem. If you construe my trying to explain to your how your math didn't work vs. the numbers posted as "pretending", then by all means roll with that concept. I did call into question some of their numbers... based on 300bhp being an certified rating (which it isn't) and the low 14 quarter (whcih it isn't either). Pretty easy to see how the metrics don't line up, thus my frustration... well, easy for me to see anyway LOL

I'm having the mods clean up the thread to get all the banteer - this needs to remain a thread about the numbers posted.


LOL @ninja edit.
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