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fdjizm, I think you're confused man. MadMaxx is not implying that Mustangs don't make good horsepower. He's stating they make MORE horsepower than what they are rated. He's merely saying that YOUR logic, that Mustangs make the power they do because they only lose 8% through parasitic losses, is BOGUS. Because it IS. You are arguing over nothing.

Mustangs came underrated from the factory.
4th Gen F-bodies came underrated from the factory.
5th gen Camaros did NOT come underrated from the factory.

WHAT THE HELL ELSE IS THERE TO ARGUE ABOUT? Nothing! Let's just drop it! Because either way, you get wade through all the B.S., you're BOTH arguing that Mustangs make more power than what they should. You, fdjizm, are just making your argument coming from a different (and wrong) direction. I'm not trying to be mean here man, but really you're getting way too pissed off about nothing. We are all agreeing these Mustangs came from the factory making more power than what they are rated. So let's drop it so we can get back to talking about the FIRST EVER V-6 being on a dyno and the planned modifications for it!

Back to the thread topic, can't wait to see what this engine can do MadMaxx!
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