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Originally Posted by awfarley View Post
I've ran mine at the local 1/8th mile strip and was wondering about some of the times you were hitting at the 1/8th mark. My average is about 9.6 but my best has been a 9.55 on a hot afternoon.

I have a bone stock 2012 V6 and with the mods you have done I expected to see higher numbers.

Am I missing something other than the HP difference in the 2010 to 2012?

If not, good things to come when I add some performance mods.
I mostly can't launch for crap right now and the DA here has been very high. I changed out my K&N for a CAI Inc brand CAI so I will see this Friday if that makes a difference. Probably will see my best times in November.

Also Mustang guys, what brand of 3.73 gears should I get? Richmond or Ford Racing?
Camaro V6 = 11.268 @ 120.11
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