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Red Camaro In Aurora

Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
Hey there everyone. I have not posted here in such a long time. I do keep in touch with some of the oldtimers here via PM but just wanted to say hi to all the new ones. I got mine 49 hours and 25 minutes ago. Wow. What a ride. Face still sore for grinning so I did get a couple of Camaro 5 deals set up if anyone is interested. Remove factory mufflers and install custom stainless straight pipes in their place using factory tips. Added power, and great sound for 200 bucks. Also full custom invisible bra. (1 piece for entire facia, hood strip, mirrors, windshield pillars, and roof strip along with window tinting for 950.00 Let me know and I will post up the info if anyone is interested.

So when are we all going to get a short rally trip going and put a group of these fantastic cars together?


Does anyone have their Camaro in Aurora? Saw my very first Camaro on the road today driving on Picadilly in S.E. Aurora. I nearly slammed on my brakes, glad no one was behind me. It looks awesome driving down the road. I have never sat in one only seen them at car shows roped off. Guess I could go to one of the local chevy dealers but didn't order from any around here. Ordered mine a few months back, but wouldn't mind seeing one up close if someone has one nearby.
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