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Originally Posted by MagnumForceGB View Post
We went last night and ran, but it wasn't very good. It had rained a few minutes before we got to the track. My second run was my hero run with 14.529 @ 98.06 mph. So maybe switching to the CAI Inc shaved 0.1 seconds off. My wife is right there on breaking into the 14 second range. I'm going to buy her a tuner soon, hopefully that will shave some time off her run.

At the end we would run, go back in line for another run and wait for 30 minutes. There was quite a few track problems. I don't know why but waiting there just completely screwed up my reaction time and launching.

We'll see what happens when we go next time. Really wasn't any change in times or 60' ft times. Just not a good night for us. But we did have fun.
Hey an improvement is something to be happy about!

You should be much lower into the 14s later this year in cooler weather.
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