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Originally Posted by MagnumForceGB View Post
My wife and I finally took our cars to the drag strip and raced them head to head. We both had a full tank of gas and tire pressures were high (40 psi on mine). It was our first time ever racing, so we went to have fun and see if we like it. We loved it, talking about going again real soon. No videos or pictures, hopefully next time we can get some.

Here are our specs:
2010 Camaro V6 (Synergy Green Edition)
ADM Race Scoop
K&N Aircharger
MACE Plenum Spacer
RX 3/8" Intake Manifold Spacer
Trifecta Tune
American Racing Headers LT w/HFC
Auto w/ 3.27

2012 Mustang V6 (Grabber Blue Pony Package)
BBK Intake
Borla ATAK
Auto w/ 2.73

I know I need to remove my subwoofer box and spare tire. Also, lower our rear air pressure.

Any suggestions? Also Mustang guys, anything I can do to my wife's car to help her out? Think the gear ratio is really hurting hers.

Here are our time slips, left to right is the order we ran, I was always the right lane. The DA was 3743. On the 4th run, the track guys said I need to stop beating on her. Then the 5th they said I should give her a head start or else I wouldn't be getting any tonight.
Wait Thunder Valley ? I live in moore too... Well used too, i live off of sw 134 now. Everyone seems to run much better times up in tulsa where the track prep is supposedly better, never been there myself....
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