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I'm sure we'll get those answers on Thurs...I don't see why they couldn't offer up houndstooth. Cloth should be standard but it would be nice to see some options. Personally, I like the leather w/ orange stitching. Hope it's a nicer leather than before. GM should offer a stripe package. They did before on the 4th gens (usually RS, though). Who knows how they'll do the orders.

I doubt they will actually announce all of the options the car will have. They will probably just announce the production of the Camaro w/ the engine sizes and types, SS, Z28, etc. I'm curious to know if they are going to keep the independant rear suspension. I'd like to see how that rides.

Also, I think GM making the Z28 w/ the largest and fastest engine would just plain screw w/ everyones minds. People now know the Camaro SS to be the fastest. They'll keep it the same.
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