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Engine for Z/28

So I have been frequenting the Z/28 section a lot as of lately, really hoping I stumble across some good gouge on the debut of this iconic machine. I have said since '09 this car should have a one-off motor or at least the opportunity to debut a new motor. Yeah call me old fashioned, and duh the Corvette normally gets to debut new technology, but c'mon we all know that there will only be 2 versions of a DI V8 engine, the 5.3L and the 6.2L. I guess the point to all this rambling is, by 2015(if we have to wait that damn long), the LS7 will be old technology and old news, why not use the 6.2DI in the corvette and a badass HI-PO 5.3DI only available for the Camaro? We know these two motors will be stuffed into every V-8 application after arrival, but Corvette and Camaro aren't just any 'ol cars, they are a face of a company and have a following..what do y'all think?
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