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Originally Posted by ParisTNDude View Post
I've heard it said that GM won't put the same engines in Camaros as in the Vette since they don't want anything GM beating the halo car. But, why would Corvette be concerned about a Camaro beating a Corvette when there's 800 or more pounds in weight difference? If that would happen, bone stock, they definitely need to dump the Vette! Give the Camaro the same engines as the Vette!!! Geesh!
Eventually the Gen V V8 will be in all performance applications as the mass produced performance V8 replacement to the current LS engines. The question is if GM will replace the L99/LS3 in the 5th Gen Camaro with the Gen V V8 going into the C7 or just wait until the 6th Gen Camaro. There are reasons to support the change and ones not to. But none of those reasons are due to some kind of performance conflict between a 5th Gen Camaro and the new C7.
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