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There will be plenty of time to do as many passes as you like on the drag strip, all of Friday, and Saturday morning. Now, I'm sure you'll understand that with a couple hundred other people wanting to do the same thing you might have to wait your turn....but Friday and Saturday's Drag Racing sessions are very informal...and you aren't limited to a certain number of runs...

I don't know where some of this information is being misinterpreted...

Here's our Drag Racing informational thread:

And an excerpt:

Qualifying / Competitive Rounds:
As we've planned it, we will have two sessions on Friday and one on Saturday morning, that are Test and Tune / Qualifying.

So, for the heads up classes, you run as often as you'd like in the T&T sessions to get the fastest time slip you can to make it to the competitive rounds of the classes you are eligible for.

We will have a "leader board" at ARH's booth where we will take your time slips and update the list of cars that qualify for the competitive rounds on Saturday evening.

As we get Time slips we will update the leader board with quickest cars for each class. Then set up the brackets for the competitive runs on Sat evening....
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