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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Exactly -
Me: What's your C5 username

Them: 2SSRSL99123 with 125,000 posts

Me: Awwwweeee dayuuummmm nice to finally meet you (give em a bro hug)

After they Leave -

Me: Hey Randy... who the hell was that.?

Randy: Beats me, cool guy... I thought you knew...

Me: And we just indoctrinated him into the circle too..


WHAT???? You were in Phoenix last year...

Did I meet you...
Haha, yeah I was there! I was the guy in the SIM Camarooooo.... Wait that won't help. Uhhh my name is 20102ssrsslmnopqrsruvwxyz.... No that doesn't help either. I was drinking beer at 7am.... No DAMN! Everyone was drinking at all hours.

Could of met, but couldn't tell ya for sure!

I'm Jason, nice to meet ya! :-)
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