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Originally Posted by cbass View Post

The camaro layout seems to not suffer from the same layout problems as the mustang.

1. The steering wheel has more space so it doesn't feel like it's in your lap and has telescopic adjustment.
2. The speakers are flush with the door and do not pop out into your leg space.
3. The console is nice and compact not intruding into the driver and passenger leg space.
4. The console is more compact with a simplier design yet still accomplishes the same level of functunality.

I agree with you about the 4 pack guage. The placement of it is poor.
I've always said the minor gauges on the Camaro should be up on the dash where I've indicated in the pic below:
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That way they'd be immediately visible to the driver with a quick glance without having to move your eyes too far from the road.

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