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Sounds good, and I don't want to be the first negative comment on this, but $200 to just cut off the mufflers and weld pipe in place of them? Sorry but you could get a much more refined sound with the purchase of 2 "pick your brand" mufflers for around that price.

We had a custom fully mandrel bent stainless exhaust done on our '69 SS Convertible from headers back that even goes up and over the rear axle for under $300 (not including the hooker mufflers). A good exhaust shop that does mandrel bending will easily be able to bend those two short section of pipes and attach them and have them look even, etc.. I know the shop we go to (I have used him for every vehicle I have owned and my Dad has since he was younger) has REASONABLE prices.. I know I'm lucky to know of a shop that doesn't charge you more than they should but I still feel bad for people paying $200 to do something like this. In my opinion from all the exhaust work I have had done on over half a dozen vehicles, I feel you should be able to have this muffler delete and striaght pipe done at a shop for no more than $100.

So yes, if I had to personally spend $200 to have this done, I would go with 2 mufflers for that price to give it a more refined sound, but since it is a job that should be able to be done for $100, it is definately an inexpensive way to make the car sound a bit better.
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