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The Camaro was sold by the time I got to the dealer. Still what an experience seeing a new Camaro upclose for the first time. Didn't have a camera so no pics. There are so many pics on the site these days this camaro was no different. It was great to be able to address some of my concerns after reading various threads on the site. The visability was different than I am used to but I don't think it will be anything that will cause problems. The backseat was small but not an issue for I have small kids - it will be sized right for them for the next 10 years. I liked the way the gas door opens and closes. It had a sunroof (which I am not getting on mine) but the headroom was fine so I'd imagine without one will be even better (I am 6'2").

Funny seeing one in person, getting to sit in it felt like a weight lifted. I have looked at so many pictures, read so many threads and thought about the car so much seeing it was the next step. It will help with the wait, knowing how happy I am going to be when mine comes in.
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