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Originally Posted by TAZMNDEVIL View Post
1st State Camaro5 it is! Are we looking at an afternoonish meetup? Saturday (25th) would probably be better for us. School will be back in session and Sunday nights always turn out to be chaotic.

So when do we vote on the logo? I have a spot waiting for it on my window!
TwoBlind is getting ideas for the logo and then I believe he is going to make a poll thread on it just like we did with the name
As far as the meetup and timing.....I would like to make it around the middle of the center around a meal if we are going to do this near a restaurant. That way no matter what day we do shouldn't interfere with school stuff even with a 40 min ride from Dover.

Originally Posted by bluebox View Post
Decent chance at making the 25th or 26th - as long as you don't mind a wife and/or toddler package in tow. Famous Dave's Christiana or N Wilm? (didn't have a good experience first time there, though...) Timothy's is good too, never been there, like to try.

Another spot might be Jose's Border Cafe near Christiana Mall (everyone seems to know the big EAT sign). Tex mex to die for, and a nice big lot behind it.
No problem bringing the wife is going to be there...can't guarantee the kiddos will be...they like being old enough to stay home.

I think they were talking about Dave's near Christiana....I am not familiar with either of I don't know which is better for parking....especially with others being invited. The Riverfront is where the DVCC show I KNOW THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM THERE.

I guess we will need someone from up north to do some intel for us... like checking to see if these places may "hook" us up if we are bringing them a good crowd.
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