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Originally Posted by SILVERHAWK View Post
I think they were talking about Dave's near Christiana....I am not familiar with either of I don't know which is better for parking....especially with others being invited. The Riverfront is where the DVCC show I KNOW THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM THERE.

I guess we will need someone from up north to do some intel for us... like checking to see if these places may "hook" us up if we are bringing them a good crowd.
0.1) Curses, jumped the gun a bit. Son's b-day now on the 25th, visiting sister/BIL from VA have to work labor day, Phils/Nats tix on 26th and they want to go... Life rolls on.

1) Dave's across from Concord mall is in a strip of restaurants, which gets very crowded from the PA tax-dodgers on weekends (I live right up Naamans from there). Might still be room out back of TGIFridays on the end. Heck, the mall might be happy to host us, plenty of room in their lot, they've done these things with groups before, Ruby Tuesdays or Champps is there...

2) I'd be happy to do intel/ask around, just need to add that 8th day of the week so I can go to some of them!

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