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Thank you all for being there! Tim, We were in the huddle with the girls and they ALL picked your car. I think we got the huddle on video too not sure but will look.

Runnign through the 3 hours of footage..the video of the girls and the cars is also great. Got some great interviews to boot.

Also Tim and the rest of you. Really nice pictures. I mean really nice! You guys have good eyes.

Here are the pictures I took in between video.

Also if your on our facebook page (and hope you are) please give a shout out to all these people..the Pit girls..Crypt Studios and the band His name is Scott Damgaard. Who rocked out They came down for free. A little thank you goes a long way to keep things like this going..not to mention getting some merch. if you want to help them out.

But yea thanks again guys! Wish I could just chill and hang out but working the event makes it hard to say hi :(

Now the Pit Girls will be in a few places in august and Sept. But just to go in another direction..I think our next event will be our 3rd annual Monster Bash. Thats in Oct. just a heads up.
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