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Originally Posted by franknbeans View Post
anyone else notice that the hood stripe is way to far to the right compaired to the left.

I'm guessing it is still in mark up phase though.

Toms paint guy, Rick, and I were on the phone doing all of this 1,500 miles away...

We were looking at pictures and saying 'this should be done here, that should be done there' and it seemed like he was spot on with me throughout the process....SUPER easy to communicate with.

I told him I wanted to see how the stripe looked on the side of the cowl at the bottom vs riding the top line of the cowl like GM's stickers.

No offense to anyone getting the hood single stripe, but after looking at numerous pictures of GM's hood stripes, it just doesn't seem right. It seems like it should go on the top of the cowl and down the sides. GM's look like they were trying to save money and make the decal laying process easier since you have a very defined hood line (cowl line) to follow. Also, it didn't go around the mail slot....costing GM more money. I think they shortened it for those reasons (ease of installation, cost).

In the picture above, you see two different ways that the line could be painted. The first is on the left (top of cowl). I had them put it on the bottom of the cowl (on the right) to compare. We all agreed that the bottom of the cowl blew the top of the cowl idea out of the water.

But, remember, to each his own. If you like the top, more power to you! If you like the bottom, well...that's cool too.

It's all about customizing YOUR own ride!!!
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