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Originally Posted by 600hp-lpe View Post
Car worked awesome at the autocross test & tune yesterday!

I averaged 54.XXX runs in the AM, 57.XXX in the afternoon.

most people were running 50 to 52 seconds in the am.. 52-55 in the afternoon.

Tire pressure settings I tried didn't have any impact. Will still need to fine tune the setup, but it is within striking distance of every other car (except for some of the pro's and modified's) in the club now.

Running the test scenarios (slalom, increasing or decreasing slalom setups) - the Camaro behaved very well. Under-steer was non existant like in the past. Car tracks very well and is behaved. I could use a lot of throttle and you could rotate the vehicle with throttle steer.

All in all I love the handling changes! This is how the car should feel!

The ZL-1 rear bar is a MUST for anyone that wants a 5th gen Camaro to handle properly!
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Originally Posted by armysig View Post
First time in this thread, but I saw this rule so here is what I smoked this weekend....1 Turkey breast and 3 racks of back ribs, oh and a bunch of meatballs too.
You ARE cooking for us at C5FEST III

Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Did either of us ever explain to Chris the secret first run parts that were put on my car, or is he still in a suspended state of wondering...
We have a secret?

Originally Posted by CamaroSkooter View Post
Are those metal shavings?
Exactly the right amount for a perfect fit

Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
nope... it's a specially treated silicone impregnated kevlar material used to improve rotational acuity and lateral stability of the bushing in hard cornering/acceleration etc...It's worth .3 to .5 g's on the skid pad...
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