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Originally Posted by 1LEE View Post
Chevy hasnt made it official, but I'm sure a 1LE with the dual mode exhaust will produce more power than a 1LE with the stock SS exhaust.

The dual mode exhaust on the Corvette is worth 6hp.

The gearing alone should make the car quicker.
We shall see. I think it will be hard to beat the boss down 18 hp and being heavier 250 lbs, but maybe the 1LE can pull it off. I am hoping it does, but I am not all that optimistic.

The gearing isn't as big as an adavantage as you think becuase the internal ratios in the 1LE transmission were changed. Essentially there is only 1 or 2 gears that end up being lower than a SS. The direct drive gear if affected the most.
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