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Originally Posted by ontheaccount View Post
I agree and I will call the manager tomorrow to see if he is willing to reserve some parking space for the group. I told him 20+, will that be enough or should I ask for more? If he agrees to the parking should I go ahead and make the reservation for the club? One question I know that he would like to know is if we want indoor or outdoor seating.

Tough to say about the parking...... we had 20 with just putting out a general invite to the MidAtlantic forum.... now there are 2 things at play here... #1 its Hooters...not a Firestone and #2 I put out a specific invite to SJCC and FSFBA. 25 -30 guess I should have PM'd our group and got an idea about how many would be coming to get a better idea first just based on the date and time like I did with Firestone.

Seating would be which ever is easier for them to handle..either is fine with me.... depends on the heat I guess and I'n not talking about the women either.....hahahahaha
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