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Originally Posted by dkittrell View Post
Want your guys opinion here . I'm looking to buy a 2013 SS/RS here soon, collecting a large down payment first . When I found the 1LE it thru a loop in my plans. I really like the looks that the 1LE provides to the camaro, this would be a daily driver and wont see the track so the suspension upgrades are not important to me but they are nice. Im mainly interested in the cosmetics the package provides but I would add the RS package as well. I have wondered How the taller gearing would affect overall time and the figures posted are exactly what I was thinking could happen which I dislike, what would you guys do in this situation ?
How important are the wheels to you? For a few hundred bucks you can get the front splitter and sideskirts, and I'm sure it wouldn't cost too much to get a matte black hood wrap if it's just the looks you're after. If you want the wheels too well then you're going to spend as much as the 1LE option costs anyways so you might as well get the 1LE. It'll certainly have a better resale value if you decide to sell it compared to a stock SS.

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