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Also I took out my spare, jack-stand and all those goodies. I managed to drop 47.1lbs. So far I have roughly lost about 77lbs. on the car. Assuming the weight on my title included the spare and such my car right now weighs about 3672lbs. With the factory crank hp that puts my W/P ratio at 11.77. Going off stock rwhp that puts my W/P at 15.3 based off the 240rwhp average of everyone else. I would love to actually get my car dynod to find out my current rwhp but I don't feel like paying $150 for 3 runs. But after removing the spare and such my car def seems to be quicker. I have also been thinking about removing the rear seat too just for when I go to the track but idk how much of a hassle it would be to take off and put back in since my camaro is my DD. Any thoughts on that are appreciated.
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