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My 69 Z/28 Camaro

When I was 10, my brother in law had a Camaro just like this. Went through a few changes. Crate 350, installed a CD player on the floor, and a few other minor things. That was the car of my dreams. He moved with my sister to NC, and sold the car, they divorced a few years later, and haven't seen him in years. This is what my Camaro is going to look like as soon as I find it, and restore it. The only thing I actually want to look similar is the paint job, this is almost the same color car he had.

I may look for another one that's already chopped up & throw an LS7 in it for shits & giggles, but this is the car of my dreams. I'll be looking for one over the next few years for when we move. Just thought I'd let you know what my car looks like (in my dreams).
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