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Originally Posted by SUX2BU View Post
I don't know if you have read any of my posts about rear tire sizes, but I am against running giant rear tires to try to hook. Our cars are wayyy too heavy and wayyy too under geared for 28" tall super wide tires.

I would maybe keep them if my car was 3,300 lbs instead of 4,300 lbs, had 4.56 gears instead of 3.45 gears and 526 rwhp instead of 426 rwhp.

But I do admit they look really cool.

Smaller tires will improve gearing and help.
But guys like Padre do great with 28" drag radials. He consistantly pulled 1.6x sec 60' times (bolt ons) and 1.60 (cam only) and 1.53 (forced induction).

I was pulling 1.73 sec 60' with 28" drag radials my last trip to the track. My biggest issue was getting 20" NT555Rs to hook (too much spin).

I expect to pull 1.6x sec 60' with 305/45/18 drag radials as soon as I get them.
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