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So finally went to the track to do some 1/4mile runs. I didn't know what to expect since I have never done anything like that before but it was a lot of fun. I managed to get in 5 runs before I had to leave to go to work. My fastest time was 14.7151@96.33. That was my slowest reaction time of the day and I thought i would be able to get atleast 14.5 but my last two runs I had no such luck got 14.7999@95.74 and then 14.7902@96.37. Taking D.A into account my fastest run is 14.373@98.677. But man that was really fun. Going into it i was pretty scared I thought I would be THAT guy that messes up there car and stops everyone else, luckily I wasn't. Also I def need new rear tires now, they were pretty worn out before today. Also I am car 5L.

I used this calculator:
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