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.... People are rotten...

Man that is terrible, I feel for you. The only wheels I've ever had stolen from me was when I was 10 & I had a brand new BMX.. I left it at the door of a convenient store while I went in real fast to grab a chocolate bar.. I was literally like 30-45 seconds.. I purposely rushed cuz I didn't wanna leave the bike un guarded, I came out to see some little bastard riding away with it down the street. That image has stuck with me for over 17 years !! lol. If only I could imagine what he'd look like now

As for my Camaro.. It's not here yet but when it is I think it'll be pretty safe. Have got my bedroom setup above the garage, with a 20 foot window above the driveway. Also have a rotty (will have a second one before the car gets here) and the rotty barks up a storm if someone so much as farts on our property... If I caught someone under my car, I'd remove the wheels myself and just make sure he didn't get out from under the car.

I'll be gettin locks & a security system regardless though.
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