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Sheriff's office left a message. Apparently in the "debris" around the car was a Range Rover Tool Kit as well. They apparently found the Range Rover that was also without wheels and the tool kit. I have 3 jacks under the car right now.

Good thoughts from everyone.

Have a garage, but left the opener at work when I let another engineer take Number 3 for the weekend. So didn't put it in the garage. Often in the summer, I'll just park in the driveway.

Had my hands full when I was bringing in our luggage, thought to lock the door and OOPS, central locking under the radio doesn't work real well with luggage hanging around your shoulder so I figured I would just hit the button on the key fob from inside the house. So either I did and the car didn't lock or I just didn't, the car was unlocked this morning and I am doubtful the thieves could have opened the doors without the key, but you never know.

Just hoping there is no damage to the exhaust or oil pan. We'll have to wait and see.

I'll keep you posted.
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