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I'll be honest with you. Sounds like an inside job to me. Somebody perusing these boards possibly. Who else would have known about Number 3's car? Don't think the 18" wheels are worth much on the market. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you attract that kind of attention. You want celebrity status? There ya go! This is why I'm not in favor of popularizing things or releasing too much information on this site because you inadvertently turn members like "Number 3" into venerable targets of vandalism and theft. I remember when Number 3 was giving his review and did everything but release his home address. Who knows? Maybe he did. Before you get too excited about your Camaro, I think you people need to think about what you are inviting holistically as opposed to just the glamor and sheer excitement this car has right now. Take measures to protect yourselves. Sucks that it happened, but it could have been avoided.
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