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Originally Posted by LadiesMan217 View Post
They screwed up my order too. I went in today to get some of the paperwork out of the way and they put the 20" Polished aluminum rims on mine.

I have a question for you...are they charging you for their mistake? RJT is a premium color and it would be more than the CGM you originally ordered.

They're checking on my order on Monday and getting back to me because the price they quoted me is $915 less than the invoice they received.

(Destination went up in price, factory stripes went up, IOM is now a premium color, and the added the rims).

Also, did you ever receive your welcome package from GM?
honestly i dunno if they are charging me i didnt remember to ask i was just to excited when i got the call about it coming in. its sumthing ill def have to talk about before i finish papers. that stinks to on ur part with the whole rim situation hopefully youll ba able to straighten it out. iom is a premium now to i didnt no that.
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