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Top Replacement on Tramtwo's 2011 2SS Vert

Turned car in on Monday to have the top replaced. I have had rub mark problems and deep wrinkles (top was down for three months on showroom floor) with the top documented since the car was about two months old. The marks continued to worsen despite the dealer performing all enchantments. My top is 11 months old and has 20k miles on it. Many of the marks have begun fraying. The service manager made the call about 2 months ago to replace the top and we have waited for parts ever since.The installation is being outsourced to a local trim shop.

I have been reluctant to have the top replaced because we all know the real problem is in the frame mechanism. Also with this top there has been no water leaking or excessive wind noise. I am sure that this local trim shop has not done a fifth gen car before. I just hope that their 50 years of experience gets the job done right the first time.

Rub marks are one thing, a top that has frayed in less than a year is something different. This is my dealers fifth bite at the apple. 1 more than the trigger to lemon the car in Louisiana. I am really hoping for the best as I have over 7k in mods invested in my car and don't want to start that process all over again.

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