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Camaro Picture Game

I got this idea from a motorcycle forum. The whole point of the game is to give you one more excuse to get out and drive. How you play is someone posts something that you have to go out and find, and take a picture of your car in front of it. i.e. Street sign, landmark, building, whatever. The first person to get it done and post a picture as proof gets to decide the next thing to find.

1. NOTHING that requires the driver to do anything ILLEGAL.
2. Any car owner is allowed to participate, not just camaros.
3. You can't be in the picture, but the car you drive has to be.
4. Can't post the same thing twice.
5. If something goes a few days without being found it can be vetoed.
6. If you happen to already have a picture of your camaro and the challenge you have to go take a new picture. Using old pics is cheating, unless it has been 4 days and the challenge hasn't been completed then for the sake of getting the game going again you can use an old pic. photoshops this game is to get you out driving not sit on the CPU longer
8. NO trolling
9. Repeat challenges are ok
Try to be original and above all have fun. Pictures can be interpreted however you want as long as it makes sense. I'll start by giving the first thing to go find!

Police Car or road sign, to start it off easy

road sign: HeRS and JoansDriver
flag: Brkntires
Historic landmark: Macky
Mans best friend: ca2012maro
Suds: heRS
With police car: Macky
Pizza Delivery Vehicle:Nitroman28
Obama sticker:Macky
Rival Muscle car(same color as your car):Gman5001
Sports arena:ca2010maro
Sports bar:Gman5001
Chevy Dealer:sam.u.el
sunrise: Dizzy
exotic car:Ca2010maro
Smart car:Gman5001
Street sign with 3 same letters:Kipo92
Patriotic pose:Macky
Bank clock/sign:Gman5001
Twins: **********
Classic muscle car:twisted energy
Stoplight with traffic behind you: meatmeat
School bus:Xello
Firetruck: bb040
Camaro+bikini: kipo92
Car with flames: HeRS
Car with car show trophy:**********
drive in diner:SinisterEcho
Camaro with scenic background: ca2010maro
Camaro with cleaning utensils on the hood: Macky
your car in a refection:**********
Car with city background:Gman5001
ricer car:Macky
Lifted truck:Joebot8484
Active military vehicle:Macky
Beverage delivery truck:ca2010maro
Night shot with lights:flyinglow89
Inverse camaro:Racerrider
Farm animals:2011*Camaro*SS
Oil pump jack or windmill:GM4LIFE
someone famous:Xello
Water fountain:NoQuarter27
From five storys up:thespymaster
Camaro beating another on drag strip:thespymaster
3+ hot girls: Dizzy
Camaro LEO: thespymaster
Mooning a mustang:heRS
Another gen camaro same color: Dizzy
3 hardcore football fans:2012infernoSS
Plant same color as your car:heRS
Car outside restaurant through window with lunch:ca2010maro
Big lifted truck:thespymaster
KFC sign with chicken:spymaster
Fire department: Dizzy
Old lady flipping you off in front of your car:

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