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Originally Posted by RacnJsn95 View Post
If it's a PIF item I don't see the problem with paying as a gift, because most of the time the item is FREE, and you're just covering shipping. If you want to file a dispute against someone that gave you a free item at just the cost of shipping because you aren't happy with it, that's pretty stupid imo. Now if it never shows up period, I can see the problem with that.

That said, I've had quite a few members in the classified section ask me to pay as a gift to avoid the fees. I usually tell them I will just add the 3% to the cost that I am paying them to cover the fees and pay as "Goods", just to cover my own butt... No one has had a problem with that yet. I could see doing that with a big item that would have expensive shipping in the PIF section, just add 3% to the shipping cost and pay as goods.

Originally Posted by 500hpbluez28 View Post
Thats what I have been doing. Id rather pay the 3% more for the added security.
Me too unless its from someone on here I see quite a bit, or sell's stuff all the time. I have paid "Gifted" to a few people (SSTG, 01pewterz28 etc..)
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