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2010 2SS/RS Camaro @ my driveway...

Just though I'd share a little story,

Man what a tease...

I was just on here looking at photo's, and I hear a low Growl outside my window... A moment later the growl is accompanied by several voices... I finally get curious enough to look out and see who's out there.

I had to literally blink and verify again that I wasn't seeing things, and I was confused for a second.... a pristine CGM 2010 2SS/RS no stripes. was idled right at the foot of my driveway!

I believe the words I uttered to my GF were something along the lines of "NO F!@#ing way! You've got to be Sh@#ting me!

I immediately hauled a$$ threw on a shirt and went out to get a closer peak @ the car and who was drivin it.

I know the first complaint is going to be that I have no pictures... but I don't have any film and I didn't wanna miss out on the chance to check it out.

Anyways, apparently it was a pre-order from back in October 08 and was just recieved by the guy yesturday.

Didn't have much time as the guy was stopped by friends who saw him driving by I guess? And he was off to give one of them a ride in it.

I did have enough time to glance around @ the wheels and noticed that he had the weights on all 4 wheels. Otherwise it looked mint and didn't sound like he had experienced any problems with it.

(I did over hear him say a friends Camaro was sent back in because of problems with the starter?)

Ah well, that's all for my story, sorry to be another of the no pictures having but we've all seen pictures of them by now!

I will say however though.... CGM looked a LOT better in person than it does in the photo's...

I've now seen Rally Yellow, 2 Victory Reds, one IOM, and now the CGM.
Man I get so amped up seeing them in person..

I think out of the ones I've seen, Vic red & Rally yellow look pretty similar in person as they do in photo's.. IOM looks way better in person, and CGM looked way better in person. Seeing the CGM in person actually moved it up above the IOM on my favorites list... I think my favorites so far in order are Black-RJT-CGM-IOM-IBM in that order. RJT and CGM kind of tied for me.. That said... They all look beautiful and they all get my heart racing!

Can't wait to see my own in my driveway.... It's gonna be a tease seeing one in the neighborhood until mine arrives !!

Ordered my Black 2SS/RS Ground effects May 12th. & Was notified I should be recieving a build date next tuesday. Progress has been smooth.
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