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Well I attempted to install my IOM painted tb. The actuall install went fine but when I started my car that was where all the problems happened. I quadrouple checked everything to make sure everything i disconnected was reconnected. When i started my car it had a little hard time starting and when it did it sputtered at first and the violently shook. I did so many different things to try and fix it but nothing seemed to have worked. A full in detail of what went wrong and stuff can be found here.

I must say Rx did an awesome job painting it it looked awesome! I waited a long time to finally get it lol it just sucks things went the way they did. Thanks to Rx amazing customer service they said I would be able to exchange it for another painted one. So i quickly mailed it out and I am really eager to get another and put it on. Here are some pics of it and how it looked installed on my car. I do plan on switching out the stock bolts for black ones at some point.
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