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4,000 mile and 8 week update

Angrybird just turned over 4,000 miles today. My latest mod was adding my RX catchcan. So far, as last report no issues to date. The car is performing flawlessly. The only thing I feel should be better is Gas mileage. I am averaging about 18 in the city and 27 on the highway. My 2010 would get19 city and 31 on the highway. Must be the extra weight and drag the Vert has.
We had some torrential rainfalls the last couple weeks, in fact Saturday the entire downtown was flooded and water came to within 4" of getting in our house. I was worried with all the problems people report with water entering their car that ours would be flooded. So far it has remained dry.

Well my next report will be in another 4 weeks or 1000 miles. Everyone keep smiling and driving your Camaro!
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