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After making several appearance mods, it was time to make some changes to the sound. Let's face it...the stock V6 sounds like an angry hybrid most of the time ...and with Celeste looking meaner, it was time to sound meaner as well.

I did several months of research, watching videos, asking around, etc. One of the members of CVC ("ElPatoFeo" on C5) had an exhaust on his V6 that sounded amazing every time he took off, and as far as I'm concerned stands above all others out there- The ARK N-II Performance cat-back exhaust.

I was more than happy to ditch the huge cans my Camaro had been dragging around and add a MUCH better sound!

The old, ugly cans:

The new!

Another one of my friends in CVC ("Riddlemethis" on C5) got the same setup as soon as he heard mine, and we met up for some Camaro Fanfare with our ARK's (all three are V6's):

(Special thanks to "Revo1" for the video!)
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