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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
My point was that you have the L76, The GT, and the 5.7 hemi all within 20 HP. You will never be able to tell the difference, and timed distances will be different in the thousandths of seconds. They are so closely rated that any difference is a wash due to variables like weather, driver, octane, options, ect.

This is also assuming the L76 is the base V8, which chances are its not becuase we have gotten hints that a 400HP+ V8 is the base. Which is discussed in another thread.

WELL my point was the in the spectrum of pony cars the camaro is not very good in the hp race... IF!!! the camaro base v8 is the L76 we only hae the mustang gt beat... no dodge v8's or shelbys... camon gm...but better luck next time i guess diarmadhi....??

mustanggt < L76< dodge 5.7< dodge 6.1< all shelby V-8's.....<<<----hp graph lol
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