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Originally Posted by munkee drummer View Post
Woah Woah Woah!!!!!! Mr. Lutz. With all due respect if I wanted "Premium" pricing I can get that from my local BMW dealer. Not to mention a better warranty than GM offers. Better service at the dealers, better reliability and a better interior than what GM has currently on the market. Look if I'm gonna pay a premium price I'll get something that will hold its value better over time. So far we know nothing about the interior and not much about the motors and even less about the pricing. The best way for GM to screw this up is to price it out of the ordinary Joe's pocket book. This is what makes GM, not a couple of people that are willing to pay thru the snout for "premium" pricing. 100k cars by the end of next year???? At those prices try 25k total. Mustang GT here I come!
I think the key here is you know nothing about the pricing, nothing about the engine, and nothing about the interior, Why the **** are all of you going crazy about this. He did not say this is going to be priced as a premium car like BMW at 40 grand for middle model v6 he said it has a higher level suspension suspension and interior and would not be the same price. He did not say it is going to be 40 grand for a v8 he said more than the 26,080 on fords website for the mustang GT. he said that it will have a higher standard interior, therefore any logical person could assume that if you put a couple of options on a GT it would be the same price as the Base camaro. I highly doubt as someone else said that this difference will be seat warmers and a 500 color display, he is copmaring to the current mustang because he does not know what the next one is. He said 400 horses will cost more than 300 get a grip

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