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Originally Posted by munkee drummer View Post
WTF seriously? What does it mean then???? Premium gas= more expensive than regular. Premium cigars= more expensive than regular cigars. Come on, premium always means more expensive! I'm telling them i WILL NOT spend over 32k for a fully loaded v8. Not counting the SS or the vert, as I understand they may reach 35k. If thats not where they are then I will look elsewhere, as I see many others will too.
Just went to ford website priced a fully loaded 300 hp GT it was over 35 so you want 400hp camaro fully loaded for less?

good luck, get real if you want fully loaded it will not be free. If it is close to 40 you will have every right complain until then reality check. if you want the same price as the current GT the V6 will probably have similar hp I don't buy what some dumb ass reporter is saying Bob told him off to the side. the DI V6 out of the CTS will not have 260 hp
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