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Originally Posted by Mr Twisty View Post
So... you're 2 for 3 now?
yeah, you were beat by a girl in a Lexus
I want to see the time slips. Until then I can't recall. LOL

Originally Posted by 2010SLVRBULIT View Post
why only a few spectators in the drag strip, $ too high?
Last race of the day. Everyone was back at the hotel by then. We almost didn't race.

There's never anyone in the stands at the fest hardly. Way too much going on.

Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
PQ, I want to meet you some day, since I've joined this forum you've made me lol

Camaro Nationals in Sealy. Ready set go!

I'm actually going to try to make it. Doubtful but maybe.
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