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You know what guys? I had almost given up my faith in the Z28 making a 5th gen appearance. However, I got to thinking today about the Mustang, and the fact that 2013 is the last model year for the current 2005-2013 run body style for that nameplate. Then I thought about the 5th gen Camaro, and that 2013 will only be the fourth model year for this body style.

My next thought was wondering if the Mustang redesign will even have a prayer of topping the current run, which has been an extremely popular body style. The same could be said about the 6th gen Camaro having tough shoes to fill in regards to the slick looks of the 5th gen Camaro.

I then thought about the 5th gen Camaro soldiering on for a couple more years against an all new Mustang before we move on to the 6th gen. I wondered how that might affect Camaro sales, and what GM might do to steal blue oval thunder to keep the limelight on the Camaro. Then it hit me like a pile of bricks, the return of the Z28 nameplate could do just that.

That would be the perfect timing, right when Ford launches first model year of a new Mustang, the Chevy team nonchalantly reveals the Z28 Camaro for the 5th gen. That may be why we've had to wait this long, for the right timing. At least we can keep the faith, and hope this is why we've waited.
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